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Bloody Germans! - 96%

C_Molestator, March 7th, 2007

I remember when I bought this album. I saw it in my local record store, and the price tag had 21€ in it. I thought: ‘’Well, this is yet another sloppy Black/Thrash metal band with horrible vocals and a sawing guitar you can only listen when you’re 666% drunk, but I’ll buy it anyway.’’ Holy shit how wrong I was! This must be one of my favourite albums (at least at the moment).

Obviously, this sounds like a mixture of Black and Thrash metal. The band possesses the rawness of Black metal and the aggression and attitude of Thrash metal, a perfect combination! There is just the right amount of blastbeats and a bit slower parts there. The riffs aren’t the basic primitive Black metal ‘’sawing’’, you can hear the Thrash influences. The sin... growling is the same old... well growling we all have heard before, but I think it fits the music just fine.

The good things on this album are the quality of the production (al though the sound can sometimes be a little harsh, at least when listening with headphones) and of course the riffs. I wouldn’t consider myself as a music- or guitar-expert-analyzer, but I think they’re good. Good is also the drumming and the power and the fastness the drummer manages to bring to the music. Tormentor really seems to know his instrument. And the awesome thing is, that I can’t find any bad songs on this album. Or maybe the last real song, ‘’Revelation Genocide’’. It just doesn’t have the same great spirit and atmosphere as the other songs have. The tötal mind-blowing songs are ‘’The Blessed Pestilence’’ and ‘’Conqueror’s Supremacy’’, both have a bloody good riff and atmosphere. They really get metalized blood running wildly trough my veins every time. And also, the final song, ‘’Mourning Path’’ is great too. It makes nice contrast with all the thrashing and blasting and destroying on this album by it’s slowness. I could easily imagine myself falling to sleep while listening to this track.

And now, the bad things. Luckily, there aren’t many there. First, the horrible screaming and shrieks of the vocalist. Why is it, that you have to spoil a great band with a total shitty singer? I mean, he has his moments when he does these low growls, but when he goes higher and starts to shriek,it’s just horrible. Or as my dad said; ‘’He sounds like a drunk fuck’’. I guess you get used to it, but it takes some time.
Second, the solos, or actually the lack of them. You have to wait for the only solo of this album for about 45 minutes,’cause it’s in the last (actual) bloody song! Obviously Infernal can play some darn good solos, so why the hell doesn’t he play them more often?

Afterall, this is still a bloody good album. Everything is in it’s place, and you can even see some boobs on the album cover! The Germans did it again. KRIEG!