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Killer Death/Doom - 84%

sdaniel, January 7th, 2008

I like old-school death metal. I like it a lot. Albums like this one are the reason for my passion. This is the first 7" by Derketa released by the cult label Seraphic Decay.

The production is pretty bad, even by underground death metal standards (I'll elaborate as I describe each of the instruments) but in my opinion adds a sinister atmosphere to the music, especially because of the nature of the music (slow, crushing death/doom), it does however spoil some parts (please read on).

The vocals consist of low grunts and screams, and aren't half bad, somewhat muffled though like the previous reviewer mentioned, which makes them sound even better in my opinion, I do think however that a more guttural approach would've suited the music better. I know the vocalist is female, and
can't reach tones as low as a male one (please correct me if I'm wrong) But still, no excuse. Don't get me wrong though, the vocals are excellent!

The guitar riffs are slow, catchy and repetitive, reminiscent of early Cianide in the slow parts. Occasionally they'll speed things up a bit, and here's were the production ruins it somewhat, in the afore-mentioned fast parts, the drums drown the guitar as they speed up themselves, but it's not a really big problem, as there aren't really many sped up parts, just un-relenting heaviness. The bass just follows the guitar and adds to the heaviness, which is fine by me and the drums aren't anything special either, they just bang along to whatever speed the music is on.

So if you're into slow, crushing death/doom or old-school death metal, then this is most definetely recommended. On the other hand, if you're looking for technical, melodic music, you'd best stay away from this 7" that got lost in the pages of death metal history.

P.S: I don't want to be an asshole or slam anyone, but someone who says this sounds like Rottrevore, has quite clearly never heard this amazing band. Sure it's similar in it's production and downtuned-ness (Inquitous at least) but how on earth is Rottrevore slow?