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Ahead of It's Time - 90%

hellhippie, March 13th, 2009

Derketa were another band in a long list of bands that I became a fan of through writing to back in the day . The first thing that was just so different about this band besides the music was that they were women . The death metal scene was completely dominated by men and it was a sort of strange to hear about this trio and this fact had an immediate impact on me personally . Not that I was expecting less from a female fronted death metal band than I would a much more "common" male fronted one, I just remember thinking to myself "they might be good but most likely the vocals probably can't hold their weight against some of the already established heavyweight champs" in the scene . I listened eagerly to what this band had sent me in the mail and my previous notion and pre-listening-judgement was completely wrong .

Derketa has a powerful raw (just as evil as any male) sounding female vocalist : Sharon . The evilness of the vocal delivery is immediately apparent on this rehearsal demo . She very much sounded like Ross Dolan from Immolation in that bands demo days . The two songs offered here The Unholy Ground and Time of Awakening are also on their "The Unholy Ground" demo that would be available the following year in 1990 . These are not the same versions that were later released . They are much rawer and more moody and while still retaining their amazing deathy doomy feel they do lose a bit of their bottom heaviness on this, but then again this is a rehearsal . This is a really good rehearsal .

The way Derketa wrote song's was unlike anything I had heard at the time . Very doom influenced and extremely somber but very catchy and very very heavy . The guitar tone and the bass sound is a crushing sludge infested victory on the senses . Barely creeping along at points, and raging feverishly at others, this band knew how to set a malevolent mood contained within their song structures . They punish the listener with their doom-laden brand of unique death metal . The drums are your standard death and doom metal accomplices and for all intents and purposes they fulfill any void that would be left in the slower parts of the arrangements . These songs are groovy, sick, heavy as hell perfect death metal anthems .

While Derketa's Official Rehearsal demo 1989 is only two songs, they are without question two of the heaviest catchiest most brutal songs one can ever hope to own . This band pioneered many things in the death metal scene . As much as one tends to get drawn to the fact that these were girls here creating this amazing sound ; realistically though they were just one amazing band and this is one hell of an amazing rehearsal demo that contains a brilliant (yet unheard of at the time) mix of doom and death metal . I wish there was more to their discography but what they left us was truly ahead of it's time . Derkéta ruled!!!!!