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Been there, done that - 67%

blastheart, January 24th, 2008

Long time swedish death-metallers DERANGED are now coming out with their 7th full-length album, entitled "The Redlight Murder Case". DERANGED has always been doing what they do best, means brutal death metal. But I am starting to wonder if that is the only thing they actually CAN do. To be honest, you cannot find much difference between any of their albums except the singers. They happen to change the singer for almost every album.

On their last effort "Obscenities In B Flat" Calle Fäldt handled the growling and did that with pride. This time it is Martin Schönherr who does the same thing. But not even half as good as Calle. Martin's growlings sound tired and booring. When I hear him go on with "Strip Nude For Your Killer" and "Watch Me When I Kill" I imagine him sitting and doing the vocals with the mic in one hand and a cup of coffe in the other. Not bothering a bit more than he have to.

Musically I would say that "The Redlight Murder Case" is a step forward towards "Obscenities In B Flat". It has more speed and the songs are more worked through. Even though you sure as hell know what you are going to get it sounds a bit more refreshing in some parts. One minus though is that the songs are very simple, well, DERANGED might not be known to be the worlds most technical band but sometimes it just gets to easy.

There are highlights though! "Redlight Murderess" and "So Sweet, So Dead" for exampel are some of the better materials that I have heard from DERANGED.
But no matter how hard the band will work and create music, they will probarbly never reach the standard of "Long Live The New Flesh" from their previous record.

To finish this is a pretty good death metal album and it is recomended for fans of... DERANGED. And fans of death metal in general.
Nothing new, but still a step forward!