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Good During The Mid Paced Parts - 75%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 6th, 2008

Their second EP is nothing new in death metal. Their style is fixed on brutal death metal standards with massive gore influences and grind parts. So here we face heaviness, brutality and reek of putrefaction. The production is better than “Rated X” and a song like “Infernal Vaginal Bleeding” features grinding blast beats with some gore mid paced riffs. “The Bowels Of My Dismay” is notable for the lead guitars introduction and the sick atmosphere.

The vocals are always guttural as fuck but not too excessive. Obviously the main influences come from the United States and there’s nothing in Swedish death metal style. The riffs are always distorted and obscure. In “Majestic Hole” we can find several tempos, from mid paced to blast beats while the guitars seem more mature and with a groove touch.

The final title track shows again pure violence but there are several more mature parts during the solos too, and it’s here that the band is really powerful, rotten and evil. They must point on this characteristic and in my opinion stop a bit with useless blast beats because sometimes they don’t fit the sound at all.