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Only if the drums were better... - 87%

rusted_cage, May 19th, 2011

Deranged's first album called 'Rated-X' is a milestone of brutal death metal for all you sick bastards who enjoy exhuming the tombs and smelling dead bodies decomposing. It may work for normal people with serious jobs too, the only requirement is the inconditional love for grinding savageness herein included.

Nowadays Deranged exist no more, since they split up last year, luckily they left us some great albums and intense live shows. This debut is one of them, but as it happened with 'Architects of perversion' and 'Sculpture of the dead', the drummer Rickard Wermén fucks it up. His way of performing blast-beats and the drum production as well is just shameful. That's the only weak point of the release.

"Black semen vengeance" begins with a woman screaming, apparently in pain, and that's such a bloody great way to give start this savage and dirty attack.

"I hail you demon of tickling climax semen
as I spit blood, semen and piss in your face"

Lyrics are based upon violence, rape, murder, gore, pee, shit and the likes. Not really original but certainly nasty to the core. There are a lot of catchy violent riffs, such as "Killing spree" (they also filmed a curious and disturbing videoclip for the song) and "As a wolf", some awesome guitar artificial harmonics are there too. To me the maximum highlight of this release is "(Clim)axe", with a morbid mid-paced final section full of sick guitar melodies. "Razor tongue" is another killer. And so on. Also they cover Rolling Stones' "Paint it black" and that's just curious.
Per Gyllenback does an overwhelming guttural performance here, one of the band's trademark present until this first full-length release. The following vocalists covered their duties really well too, but that's another story...

Maybe it hadn't the best sound or the best Rickard's performances, but nowadays it still destroys and honestly it always comes to my mind when thinking about the best Repulse issues (a truely cool label that also released some shitty acts in its death throes before evolving to Xtreem Music).