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Deranged Indeed! - 95%

chasm, November 21st, 2004

Deranged, one of the few swedish death metal bands that came out during the early nineties that have always stucked to their own style. Together with Vomitory and Dismember, Deranged has from their early beginning delivered the most bloodsoaked and violent death metal ever been heard within swedish boundries! I don't know what ppl say, but I claim that 'Plainfield Cemetery' is their best work to date. This unrelenting sledgehammer of heavy riffs with filth and melodic touches don't sell out. This shit is still brutal as hell.
There's alot of twisted riffs and groove. Just listening to " Mutilate And Dump You" and "We Lure And Abduct". The vocals are sick, not in the deep gurgly-type, rather the in-your-fucking-face style. The bass is a great weight, atleast for the brutal sound of theirs. The drums can be quite repetive but without any thought to slow down. For fans of Gorgasm, Vomitory or Morbid Angel perhaps this should be owned. Over and out