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The Art of Slaying – Part I - 75%

androdion, December 25th, 2010

I’ll admit that I hadn’t heard Deranged in a while, although I do own this cd for quite some time now. The idea of having my brain smashed by a hammer and my body pierced by a meat hook isn’t quite my definition of everyday enjoyment, but there comes a time in everyone’s lives when a little bit of gore and guts is on demand. Well a lot really if we’re talking about letting these Swedes get inside the room!

From the get go we’re treated with two of the most brutal tracks on the album, “Beaten, Raped, Fucking Left To Die” and “Stab And Hack”, which by their beautifully constructed names can already tell you what grounds we walk. Unrelenting and brutal non-stop pounding drums, accompanied by some really fast riffs, with some cookie monster vocals on top. There’s nothing overly technical about Deranged’s sound, but the fact is they’re fun! They play fast, faster and bordering on hyperdrive, but they always leave some space for a bit of groovey rhythms that let you catch your breath, if only for a few seconds. The breakdowns in the middle part of “We Lure And Abduct” are a good example of that, sometimes they’ll just stop the mayhem for ten seconds, introduce a bit of breathing space so they can burst out violently once again. Even though their style is pretty simplistic, some riffs are very cool, and believe it or not the bass has some shining moments as in “God Is Dead”, which is the most complex song in the album. It has some very nice mid-paced sections where they just leave more space for composition style instead of unrelenting brutality. It’s easily one of the highlights on the album.

Speaking of the string session of the band, man it has one hell of a tone, ultra-distorted borderline on the typical buzzsaw but with a much thicker tone and never being quite the full on Swedish sound we know. The production is as brutal as the guitar tone, allowing you to hear everything, although you can’t hear the bass all the time, but what else is new right? But when you can hear the bass it sounds very good, especially in the slower parts, which aren’t that much really.

“Deathgasm” is together with “God Is Dead” the longest track on the album, but whereas the second one is a more mid-paced exercise filled with brilliant parts, the first one just drags on being really fast until the last minute and a half, where it really drags even more, but now slowly. By this point you’ve already been caused severe head trauma but believe me, there still are four more tracks! The beginning part and the middle riff of “Suffering, The Sweet Suffering” is worth notice as it brings again some of the brutality of the first two tracks with some nice guitar leads. The last two songs are two more exercises in the same formula, with nothing exceptional, just two more good Deranged style beatings. And although by this point you’ve been clearly beaten to a pulp you can’t stop but scream forth the last song's chorus “As I fuck the deviant dead”, over and over again.

This album won’t revolutionize anything, it’s nothing new by this point, but it doesn’t try to be. It serves its purpose of being a savagely played and constructed album, where the only thing you must do is bang your head for its duration. So kick back, grab your weapon of choice, and enjoy the gore!