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I believe in Inhumanity and anger!! - 98%

perrin_aybara, July 7th, 2005

Deranged was until recently an unknown band to me but after hearing this I decided that just had to change. Everything about this is top notch. The musicians are really talneted and the music kicks major amount of ass. It´s Brutal, technical and heavy as hell but it also features some of deicide´s catchiness and it never becomes boring or repetitive. My neck just keeps rocking back and forth and sometimes I can´t stop myself from screaming along. The instruments are handled with a punishing precicion and accuracy that makes me think of Vomitory which by the way is the first band I came to think about when I heard this (altough I consider Deranged an even better band). Not a single one of the eleven tracks could be accused of being a filler but of course there´s songs that stand out. A few of them is Eroti(kill), By knife, Robber of life and Humanity feeds on filth. This could very well be one of the best death metal records I have ever had the pleasure of hearing and it should be a part of every death metal collection. Buy or die!!