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Brutal Stuff - 75%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 5th, 2008

Deranged are from Sweden but they never played the classic Swedish death; they always played brutal death metal in American way with loads of gore influences and semi grind tempos. I never loved this genre so much and now I’m here with their first EP trying to be the most objective I can. In this case they didn’t have the “full”, chaotic sound that would have characterized “Rated X” album. Here everything is clearer and sharp even being always brutal.

As normal and seems indispensable, we can find an intro made of strange vocals by a maniac and then the massacre starts. Surprisingly we find also quite good and melodic solos at the beginning but the rest is pure gore violence. The up tempo are frequent and the guitars are low tuned with chainsaw distortion. Here everything smells of decomposition. The mid paced, groovy tempos at the end of this song are very good.

“Coagulated Seminal Fluids” (…and the Oscar goes to this song for the title!)begins with two girls beating into submission. Blast beats are more present here and the vocals are really something sick and gore…incomprehensible. The good moments come with the weird/more melodic solos that breaks the impact a bit. “Stairway To Hell” surely doesn’t shine in originality and the bass sound reminds me early Repulsion too. Anyway each song contains quite good tempos changes and surprisingly catchy and fucking good solos!

“Hammered Cottered Rectum” is the second candidate for the Oscar…this song is a mix of incomprehensible, fun vocals with solos break. One minute of pure violence. The final “Rigid Anatomy Art” sounds very similar to the other ones and that’s always the main problem in this genre. The group anyways appears compact and better during the solos parts, more melodic.

For brutal death/gore fans only.