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Terrible - 6%

Lars_Stian, February 9th, 2017

NSBM once again proves itself to be the worst subgenre within metal. I probably would be able to look past the band's idiotic lyrics if the music was good, however it isn't. It's really bad.

There's barely any progression throughout the album, it always feels like the same 2 or 3 riffs played over and over again for 40 minutes. At first, the album was endurable. Though somewhat generic and uninspired, it was ok. However a full album of the most unoriginal, lazy riffs is simply destined to fail. I could barely tell each song apart, at points I even legitimately wondered if they were using the same riffs over and over again. All riffs follow the same pattern, a somewhat industrial sound, mixed with an early Mayhem-type riff. Now that I think about, this seems like a blatant ripoff of ''Deathcrush'', though much less interesting, and an added nazi theme.

There are recordings of old Nazi speeches and war sound effects scattered throughout the album, so much so that it's actually a bit of an annoyance. It just sounds so damn out of place, and makes it quite hard to ignore their neo-Nazi ideas. For every track, there are at least two Nazi/war sound effects, and it gets old really quick. The drums are another thing that's quite boring. Constant blast beats, no rhythm or tempo change whatsoever. And what makes it even worse is the fact that the drums are quite predominant in the mix, so it isn't easy to ignore.

The vocals are simply atrocious, they sound like a failed attempt at imitating the vocals from ''First Spell'' by Gehenna (and for those not familiar with them, they're raspy, whispery, and lower pitched shrieks). The vocals just sound like an excessive smoker's normal voice, which makes it quite easy to make out the vocals. And I assure you that this isn't a good thing. It's just praising Hitler whilst wishing death upon Jew, Muslim, black people etc... and their glorification of Hitler and Nazism actually reaches the point where it's disturbing.

In conclusion, ''The Blood of W.A.R'' is a pathetic attempt at an album, and it highlights the aspects of black metal that I despise. I wouldn't recommend this album to anyone. What can you expect from a band that ends a song by repeatedly shouting ''white power'' anyway?