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An Album Greater Than Death! - 80%

AetherCyrilBG, February 11th, 2024

Der Sturmer is a Greek black metal band that has proved itself to be more than competent of creating pure evil with their releases. The only exception being their first album, which was overtly RAC influenced and came across as very lacking. This is certainly not the case for their second album. The first track comes at you fist first with incredible speed and aggression, setting the mood for the rest of the album. On the 3rd we hear something that is completely unnecessary and littered across the entire album... a movie sample, something Der Sturmer is infamous for. They completely stop the mad pace of the last track and are a bore. This album feels like watching Rambo on a bootleg VHS, fast-paced action interrupted by other movies. The speed of this album is comparable to Marduk. So, we have fast riffs, relentless drums and mediocre vocals... I don't think they even qualify for black metal vocals, they are more akin to RAC. This is the main reason this review isn't 100%.

A track that certainly stands out from the rest is Those Who Lived and Died Like Heroes. There is a noticeable change in pace in favor of a more heroic, triumphant sound and overall a lack of speed. It transports you to the end of a battle, your hands up in the air and being proud of everything that led up to this point. It's a nice breather song, and then you're pummeled straight back into the action.

Addressing the elephant in the room now... the politics. Der Sturmer is certainly a band that does NOT shy away from shoving as much NS imagery down your throat as they can. From the band name, to the cover, to the samples and lyrics, this whole album can be classified as propaganda. If you took those things away, it would definitely prove itself to be deserving of more fame just for the music.

The album's biggest strength turns out to be one of its biggest weaknesses, too. With such speed and aggression, variation is needed to break the cycles of endless blasting. Listening to this album, you'll come to find that after the first half, the songs might lose your attention. As for the production, it's pretty standard. The drum sound is pretty punchy, the guitars feel sharp, and the bass is not too prominent.

All in all, the album is a relentless beast that pummels with sheer speed and hatred. This is definitely the peak of their material, surpassing their splits, EPs and LPs. Pure Hellenic terror embarks on your ears.