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Australian Death Machine Enters the Fold! - 85%

Vinterd, May 8th, 2018

Whenever I hear of new metal from anywhere I almost always have an instinctive impulse to check and see where the band is from. If I see the band in question is from Australia, I get excited because that country fucking knows how to do all sorts of metal the likes of which only Scandinavia can rival! I’ve very rarely come across a band from Australia that hasn’t enamored me in some way, and Depravity only continues that amazing trend! With their debut album, these guys show they aren’t fucking around as they deliver an insanely powerful album the genre is known for!

Right from the get-go, Depravity shows that they mean business! These nine tracks of scathing death metal leave no room for survivors whatsoever as “Evil Upheaval” doesn’t let up except for shifting from one song to the next, and this creates a harsh, unending attitude of pure intensity rage that even the greatest bands of the genre fail to do sometimes. Depravity does everything they could’ve right with this album as we’re given ferocious slabs of insanity from riffs heavier than mountains, anthems that make you thirsty for blood, and an undying energy that makes you ready to run a fucking marathon! “Evil Upheaval” is the very thing that the underground fans of death metal have needed with the sheer craftsmanship and the tasty treats that are in every corner of this album making it something truly wondrous to behold in all of its bloody splendor. And also, it’s given the underground another tantalizing band to add to its ranks of undeniable powerhouses of death metal the likes of which we simply don’t get often enough! Every second of “Evil Upheaval” is something that I’m positive any death metal fan can enjoy, and I’ve no doubt at all in my mind that these guys can do it again.

Depravity shows their worth throughout the marvel that is the record and I know damn well this band won’t go out without a massive boom! “Evil Upheaval” is just the thing that death metal has been needing in recent times, and leave it to someplace like Australia to produce such a fine act!

Straight-up death metal with modern sound - 70%

MrMetalpants, May 4th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, Digital, Transcending Obscurity Records

Like I mentioned in the review title, this is essentially the sound of modern death metal. Now you may debate on who specifically carries that banner, but this is the sound. It has heaps of The Black Dahlia Murder with their almost up-beat brand of bouncy/up-tempo death metal. This too has some melodic utilization but not as obvious as the aforementioned band. Maybe more akin to modern Job for a Cowboy. I noticed that it suffers from the parts being more enjoyable than the whole. This is not true for every track, but I feel it often. Like on The Great Divide, the first half is boring but really kicks up in the second half.

The guitars provide exactly what you need with this driving death metal. They riff when needed and tremolo when needed. They are rather subtle for death metal rhythm guitar. Then in come the solos. These are very classic sounding solos both in execution and in placement. Most of them are around 75% of the way through the song with one being right at the end. There are two solos that buck the classic formula to sound like the guitarist is wrenching on the neck of the guitar trying to interrogate government secrets from it. These are on "Despondency" and "Victimizer". They have no hammer-ons or pull-offs, nor any noodling; Just simply raw whammy bar torture. The vocals fit like a glove here, except for the maddening mega-phone style vocals. I have always hated that effect and it is used here but fortunately very little. The vocals start to blend with the music and start to feel like another instrument and not so much a man's voice. On "Insanity Reality" an attempt is made to have a catchy chorus, but it just ends up reminding me of the evil version of Alvin and the Chipmunks from Disaster Movie. Trust me, it's not worth your time. Just google that scene. The drums are fairly standard with only a few bit sections that call for attention. The bass is mostly a second skin of the guitars so it was hard to pick out something to like about it.

Again, the whole album has a very modern vibe to it. It's as if they have one eye on the past and one eye on the future. There's no hardcore elements in the writing that I can pick up on but I feel it somewhere. The deathcore boom of the mid-2000's will be felt for years to come, possibly when it's not even there. Phantom deathcore? The writing itself is average with the songs feeling more of the same. There's not too many stand-out tracks that I love, but many average tracks I don;t mind listening to. I will say here that the production is absolutely top-notch. I got the FLAC file from Bandcamp, and apparently there's no difference in quality unless you have ~$400 headphones/stereo equipment. Either way, the sound is perfect. The guitars are crystal clear, the drums are perfectly balanced in the mix, the vocals never overshadow the other sounds. It's a perfect example in mixing.

Favorite tracks:
--Insanity reality

Technical Skill: 80% Originality: 61% Song writing: 67% Production: 97% Personal enjoyment: 68%

Maniacal! - 88%

Cosmic Mystery, May 3rd, 2018

Australia’s Depravity launch themselves into the bloody and sickening smelling death metal playpen; and with no shame or care, they happily swirl around in the severed remains and entrails laying and hanging around. This is brutal death metal that doesn't get tiresome after lending ears for 4 tracks. ‘Evil Upheaval’ is a well thought out, planned and putrescent plate of poisonous death metal. It spans 40 minutes in length but like some albums I’ve reviewed, it invokes a false sense of time and leaves the listener with a full stomach of excrement, but a brain sending signals begging for more.

“Manic Onslaught” begins with a sample in which the sentence “all the forces of hell were unleashed” is spoken. I think that sentence is 99% accurate when describing ‘Evil Upheaval’. The music on “Manic Onslaught” is belligerent in every sense conceivable; the drummer Louis Rando plays as though his feet and arms possess their own consciousness and are the prototype builds for future robotic genetics. His drumming on “Manic Onslaught” and on the entire album is bodacious. Though the drums do sound triggered; Rando’s stick striking style is filled with control and precision as he yanks out some semi-technical blast beats and stomach kicking double bass. Vocalist Jamie Kay, guitarists Lynton Cessford and Jarrod Curley are at war with each other on this 4:39 scene of carefully constructed carnage. Jamie Kay doesn't seem to stop burping pollutants while Jarrod and Lynton discharge combinations of riffing ferocity.

“Repugnant” has one of the best opening drum and riff combos I have heard thus far from a brutal death metal band. It bares a slight similarity to Succumb’s “Coal Dark Earth” (drum-wise). “Repugnant” also has a bit of diversity incorporated into its structure; via thrash metal drumming and even a deathcore breakdown. I'll admit the deathcore breakdown did come as a huge shock to me and I hope they leave it out of future releases. I have little deathcore in my collection (Carnifex and Thy Art is Murder) because finger movement on the guitars doesn’t seem to be a hobby; by majority of the bands within the deathcore genre. Please, Depravity; let this be the last time you ever implement a deathcore breakdown, cause one thing will lead to another (dare I say djent).”Repugnant” is still a fantastic track despite the blemish, however, you did worry me.

“Vile Defloration” is Depravity’s mightiest out-pour of hatred and anger. Its slow on most sections of the record but gets the job done in terms of message and interpretation. Don't let your guard down here, there's one wild guitar solo being augmented and prowls unsuspectingly within the shadows of this dark, soggy alley. “Vile Defloration” is different in terms of tone and speed. It has a direful feeling and is presented as the final act of an abominable festival. If you enjoy your death metal loud and remorseless, then this barbaric brew of a boisterous battery (being ‘Evil Upheaval’) has your depraved desire in mind.