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Jack the ripper is back! - 90%

Werewolf, November 30th, 2012

Beware, you whores! Jack the ripper is back, in conspiracy with the ghouls of DOG! What you get here is a reissue of Denial of God's obscure "Advanced Demo 2009", which was previously limited to a ridiculous amount of 33 copies. Denial of God is known to be of the most consistent black metal bands, and if you liked their stuff in the past, you will most probably not be disappointed with "The Red Terror" either!

What you get here is 2 versions of one new track + a re-recorded song from the band's very first demo+2 tracks from the band's split with Abysmal Grief and the "Incubus" 7". You will find a great combination of both slow and dramatic songs ('The Red Terror', 'Resurrection Of The Damned'), as well as faster and more furious tracks ('Feel The Wrath of the Nocturnal Slayer', 'Incubus').

What really makes Denial of God stand out for me, when it comes to black metal bands from the 90s, is the fact that they never took the metal out of their black metal, so "The Red Terror", just like any other Denial of God release to date, offers not only a great dark atmosphere, but a great portion of really memorable riffs of solos that anyone who is into any type of metal might really enjoy.

The only thing that feels out of place here is the fact that the title track appears here twice (the demo version and the version that was supposed to be featured in the split with Pagan Altar, which didn't get released in the end). It's kinda weird when 1 song is actually 40% of the whole track list. When all is said and done – this release is definitely worth a try, so better grab a copy before it sells out!

Originally written for webzine