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12 years was worth waiting for - 90%

darkmoonman, October 25th, 2007

In 1994 Denial of God made the first song for the forthcoming album, The Horrors of Satan. The particular track, A Night in Transylvania, is still a part of the album when it was finally released 12 years later. During the years, Denial of God has released only some dozen of their own songs, in MCD- and 7”EP-formats. Despite the slow release and creation pace, The Horrors of Satan consists mainly of songs which were not released before. Well, excluding the single which was released shortly before the album. Two songs; The Witch – Now a Restless Spirit and The Curse of the Witch, have been released earlier but with different versions.

Denial of God has always called their music black horror metal, but only The Horrors of Satan do justice to this term properly. There are lots of horror atmosphere within the 56 minutes and nine songs. Earlier, shorter releases lacked these things quite badly. Especially the three short intros work well in this area. Also the longest track, 11 minute song The Iron Gibbet could be a good in creating atmosphere, but is simply too long and a bit dull, after all. Rest of the songs are simply excellent. The secret of quite long songs, from 6 to 13 minutes, is simple yet catchy riffs and compositions. Melodies and riffs remind both the heavy metal of the 80s, and black metal from the early 90s. Trademark of Denial of God has never been extraordinary skills or groundbreaking compositions. The Horrors of Satan shows, how simple pieces can be put together into solid and working piece of art.

One of the biggest surprises is the sound of the album. Clear sounds give boost especially to drum sounds, which work great. Also Azter’s guitar sound is excellent, and his brother, Ustumallagam, has the powerful vocal style like in earlier releases. The Horrors of Satan fulfils the long waiting of the Denial of God fans, and is absolutely great debut.