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Fun stuff. - 90%

TheTrueHel, July 26th, 2007

Starting with a melancholic clean guitar intro, laden with storm and wind effects - the album plunges into the title track. The production is tinny, as can be expected with most black metal, comparable to say, Abazagorath's "Tenebrarum.." album. The vocals are the highest in the mix, but thankfully, the vocalist (Ustumallagam) can actually deliver - mid to low range rasps.

Musically speaking, this is a no-fuss, care-free sort of album. (Considering track three is titled "Black Horror Metal" it's not hard to see why I say that). It's rare to hear a band that sounds like they are having "fun" - which I realize isn't something usually revered in black metal, but for the sake of this review, bear with me. This energy is refreshing in metal, and in turn stands out to the listener I think. Although not the most original in structure or riff construction, it still retains element of creativity and zest. The stand out for me personally in terms of the song construction, is the illogical, unplanned solo's ripped through on "Dethrone the Tyrant God", and the aforementioned "Black Horror Metal" - brilliant! Easily sounding as though taken from a raw, poorly financed trash record from the late '80's.

This album would appeal to most metal listeners, perhaps not those absorbed with the technicality of death metal, but anyone interested in the energy or vibrancy of early black metal/thrash should appreciate this well written album.