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Demonomancer - Poisoner of the New Black Age - 89%

Edmund Sackbauer, September 27th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Dunkelheit Produktionen

Dunkelheit Produktionen are the place to look for the most obscure gimmicks that one can possibly find in the world wide metal universe. While I prefer some of their more traditional releases (make sure to check out some of the best records by e.g. Rituals of the Dead Hand, Horrid, Exanimatvm or Grimoire de Occulte) I am always fascinated by what kind of “music” label owner Bernd delivers next. Often highly experimental he does not shy away from crossing the line between bands fitting into a more classic scheme of things and very obscure and noisy sound experiments.

One of the latest releases is this collection of demo material from this warnoise batallion hailing from El Salvador. It’s full of blast beats, death roars and shrieks (and plain angry ones), skin-shredding, all-fingers-and-thumbs guitar solos and also boasts the occasional neck-wrecking, riff-filled breakdown. And it all sounds as if it was recorded in a brimstone cave. By a person with no knowledge of how music is supposed to sound. There is not much to be gained by looking deeply at each song – they are uniformly offensive. The best possible way to distinguish between the single tracks are the disgusting and blasphemous titles.

So why am reviewing it now? By rights, this album should have been locked up: it’s raw, it’s angry and at times it sounds bloody awful. But for all that, it’s absolutely fascinating. It is essentailly 22 tracks of absolutely speeding metal ferocity punctuated with roaring, rasping and growling.

I guess the origin of the music can very roughly be tracked back to some form of death metal but there are also elements of thrash and black all mixed into one hellish onslaught. With blasting drums, crushing guitars and vocals that remind one of bloody lava spewing from the mouth of some heinous demon there is no mercy to be found here.

So the question is what are you looking for? Just another piece of well-played and accordingly recorded metal or an experiment that will take you beyond the borders challenging the ears and mind of even the most experienced listener. If your answer is the latter then welcome to the land of the lost souls.