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A killer death metal album and a step forward! - 82%

InTenebris, October 29th, 2003

[Note: I originally had this review printed in The Wake]

Twin Cities-based Demonicon has released a killer death metal album with Bloodlust. The band has moved forward from 2001’s Condemned Creation in technical ability, song writing, and most certainly on vocals. The band melds technical proficiency and brutality. Brandon Almendinger’s vocals are the highlight of the album for me. He conveys an amazing amount of force, and though his vocals are truly flesh-shredding, the lyrics are still understandable. Guitarists Brian Owens and Anthony Columbus (formerly of Anal Blast) put forth blazing performances with some highly intricate and hyper speed leads. Though Demonicon maintains blazing speed throughout the album they are able to create interesting, sometimes bizarre song structures, somewhat reminiscent of Cryptopsy. Highlights are album opener “Heretic,” “Drafting the Phalanx” and the surprisingly calm outro “Cathartic Self-Destruction.” While Condemned Creation was good, Bloodlust truly made me take notice of Demonicon, and it should garner them major attention in the metal community. Demonicon has proven itself a force to be reckoned with.