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An excellent debut from Swedish veterans - 80%

MrVJ, September 20th, 2007

"I love Sweden so damn much. The country is an insane hotbed for great death metal and Demonical is no different. Demonical have set out to create a misanthropic atmosphere for the listener with pure mental anguish and bizarre talks of the fires below. In my recent review of the Funebrarum/Interment split, I said that this split was a collection of the darkest metal these two bands could muster up, but I think Demonical has beaten them senseless, almost as if they made those two bands blind from their extremely hateful brand of death metal.

Johan Jansson (Interment, Regurgitate, ex-Cenitex) really knows his way around a guitar, throwing out one skull-crushing note after another, while Ronnie Bergerståhl (ex-Cenitex, Grave, ex-Julie Laughs Nomore) drums perfectly in sync with the feel of the music, giving you an extra crunch of brutality. This is the first I've heard of Ludde Engellau (Remasculate, ex-Unchaste, Talion) but man does he give a spirited performance, definitely calling upon Satan to help him in his conquest of aural domination. However, I think the band made up Martin Schulman (ex-Cenitex) because I can't hear his bass at all, so he doesn't even really exist, but I will say that these four give off a vibe that most death metal bands wish they could obtain.

What we have here are three seasoned Cenitex members trying to outdo their peers on the death metal scale. The music almost has a tribal feeling, getting the horde ready for battle against all those who serve good. The feeling that I get from this album is that they are trying very hard to be evil incarnate, and it almost works too. Just the first track “Suicide Throne” sets the tone for the rest of the album and it just keeps on going. The music is very similar to that of Grave or Gorefest's new style. They rely heavily on catchy death metal riffs that make you nod along and then go for the headbanging during the choruses.

This is heavy as hell death metal from Sweden, and I wouldn't expect any less from a band named Demonical and was formed out of the ashes of Cenitex. There's also another thing that really gives them points in my book: they all have long hair. I bet that would make for some awesome headbanging moments during their live shows, because just imagining them doing constant windmills while playing the opening of “Revel In Misanthropia” really puts a smile on my face.

“Servants Of The Unlight” is a very heavy dose of Swedish death metal, giving your ears exactly what they need; raspy death metal vocals, a guitar tone that Satan himself would be proud of, drums that would make a Viking horde cower in fear, and a bass that is non-existent (okay, I don't like that). I really want Demonical to tour in the United States and I want them to release more albums. Please, keep on going."

Originally written for Metal