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Demoniah-Demoniahlizer - 90%

Edmund Sackbauer, August 23rd, 2018
Written based on this version: 2017, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

This is a pretty interesting release. Starting with the unorthodox cover artwork showing some possessed dude doing kind of a table dance at a funeral (?) “Demoniahlizer” is not your standard Death Metal dish. While parallels in the description are drawn to the Death’n’Roll style of Entombed this is only one piece of the whole puzzle.

While Entombed have always clearly stayed in the DM camp Demoniah take a similar style as a basis but add a lot more other ingredients to the mix. The foundation are also HM2 driven riffs but they are a lot groovier compared to their peers. I would not go the whole way to call this any kind of Groove Metal but it sounds more modern than anything Entombed has ever released. There is a lot of Punk and Hardcore influence in the riffing and while Demoniah is not the first band to incorporate those styles to the basis DM sound I believe they took this approach even further.

Another influence that is quite obvious can be found in the Stoner Doom/Rock genre that has gotten a lot of praise lately. While I am not up to date with that style and therefore cannot come up with any recent names for comparison I got reminded of bands like Kyuss. The music is really raw and dirty. Most of the time stuck in mid-tempo or even slower the whole record feels like a tank unstoppably moving through the desert. The drumming is pretty relaxed most of the time without any real speedy or flashy outbursts. There are a lot of shorter lead guitar sections giving the whole affair a very melodic feel. Sometimes bluesy territories are visited during these parts. At some point I would not have been too surprised to hear a saxophone next but that did not happen.

Somehow Demoniah manage to sound quite morbid and sinister on one hand while also bringing a certain feel-good atmosphere to the table. While I tend to listen to most of my DM records during autumn/winter this is an album that can be blasted in the car driving home from work on a hot summer evening or at your next BBQ. Adding to this somehow split personality are a few sick spoken word samples sounding like taken out of slasher movies followed by catchy hooks and refrains to sing along. This might sound weird at first but it works in this context.

The production is really raw and fuzzy and feels like it had been polished with sandpaper. Singer Jeovani Morais is doing a great job showing his darker side but also adding a certain Rock’n’Roll attitude to his delivery. While purists might be turned off by the overall mixture on offer each DM fan looking for something a bit different should give this one a try.