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Ultimate Metal Album - 99%

Star-Gazer, July 16th, 2004

I think the title of this reviews sums it up well...this is the ultimate metal album! They stand for everything that is metal to me: tattoos, anger, bullet belts, long hair, fast cars, blatant irreverence, booze, black leather, satan, weapons, jeans, and a middle finger to everyone!

OK, enough of the image, onto the music. If all Demoniac had was the image, I would not be writing this review.

They kick off the album with one of many blistering solos by Shred on "The Eagle Spreads its Wings." Before the vocals kick in, they would lead you to believe that this is another power metal band. Far from, my son. Blackened, harsh vocals take the listener off guard. Typical (but brilliant) lyrics of freeing oneself from the oppression of societal chains are the lyrical content.

Next on the album is "Daggers and Ice." Once again, the listener would be lead to believe this is power metal (but with a healthy bit of thrash thrown in for good measure) based on the title and music until those wonderful vocals kick in. As if just to prove those amazing leads on the first song were no fluke, "Daggers and Ice" showcases more amazing guitar-work by both Heimdall and Shred. The interlude about 3/4 through the song is some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard, and coupled with Behemoth's vocals it is a downright amazing piece of work.

"Demoniac Spell" follows. This could be their theme song. Some of the greatest metal lyrics ever were written for this song. I will not bother to repeat them as another reviewer made a point to include them, but suffice to say, these lyrics sum up the whole Demoniac philosophy on life. Metal before all else. Another great song with solos, fills, etc galore, excellent drumming, great lyrics, eeeevil vocals. You will succumb to the Demoniac Spell!

An instrumental entitled "Night Demons" is next. Placed well on the album, it is a great divider between the halves of the album.

The guitar-work on "Demons of the Night" (the song which, rightly so, follows "Night Demons") is another lesson in shredding. The melody and along with the guitarists trading off solos is so energizing.

A tribute to great German bands follows, "Myths of Metal." Not a stand-out song, but strong when compared to any other band's work. As a side note, this song contains lyrics which caused somewhat of a controversy. It was sad to see Demoniac give a sort of retraction. Duh, they aren't Nazis! Their lead guitarist is Chinese, the drummer is Maori, they have long freakin' hair and appear to be general messes. I don't think there is any goose-stepping and Roman saluting going on here!

"Sons of the Master" is another of the not so outstanding songs on the album (though the solos are something not to miss). Lyrics deal with satan, metal, anger, pain and the like. Great! Glad to see a sense of fuckin' humor in metal every once in awhile. Wish more people could just "get it."

All of the prior songs are just a build up to their masterwork, "The Fire and the Wind." Simply tear-jerking guitar work gets us started into this finale. Another great interlude takes us through the middle of this song. Going from Behemoth's vocals to this beautifully crafted interlude should be enough to make anyone sit back and appreciate all of the beauty and ugliness this world has to offer. After two minutes of beauty we are back to the riffing and soloing that makes me listen to this album over and over again. From the melody to 7:35 it seams as if it could get no better. Wrong. The guitar solos which end the song are beyond words.

So, that's the album.

While it is sad to see them no longer active (I've been a fan since "Prepare for War"), I think it was great they went out on such a high note.

Great (funny) metal pictures line the insert, not to mention the homage to both Motörhead and Manowar in the lyrics. For anyone (like me) who loves the music of power metal bands, but despises with a passion, the vocals, "The Fire and the Wind" is a must own.

I just wish they would have kept the original cover art - now that would have been metal!