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Why Must I Be Subjected To This? - 7%

SnowVixen, June 17th, 2004

If there's anything I hate, it's when people intentionally misrepresent bands to convince me to listen to them. "They're like blackened power metal", he said, "you''ll love them!". That statement couldn't be further from the truth.

This album's overall sound is that of Children of Bodom's brand of melodeath, with perhaps a minor punk influence creeping in occasionally... much like Impaled Nazarene. This album got boring and predictable within the first two songs, and the vocalist trying his best to sound like the guy from Impaled Nazarene didn't help either.
This was strike one. The world doesn't need one Impaled Nazarene, let alone two.

Having heard Dragonforce before, I was rapidly able to note the similar "overly long songs with excessive solos that all sound the same" guitar style on this album, and was less than surprised when I found that this band is essentially the beta version of Dragonforce. I honestly dislike these guitarist's style, and it seems like they're trying their hardest to show off as many guitarists of the late 80's had done... but without the actual ability to do so.
When it hit me that this was Dragonforce with even more annoying vocals, my boredom turned to annoyance. This was strike two.

Once I reach a certain point of annoyance and the music has lost any merit it may have held, I either turn it off or start looking for something else to focus on. I started listening to the lyrics at this point... and god damn, are these lyrics the height of stupidity. Having no actual lyrical concept, this band mentions everything "bad"... from beating up faggots to being more metal than you to praising clovenhooved beasts all the way to the random cry of "HITLER METAL! SIEG HEIL!". I can understand the level of illiteracy shown by Children of Bodom and Impaled Nazarene, being from non-English speaking countries and all, but these guys have no excuse.
Now, being a fan of power metal, I don't exactly demand thought provoking lyrics, but they should try to stay out of the realm of mental retardation. As my brain processed the asinine bullshit this band was spouting, my annoyance peaked. This was strike three.

I can honestly find no positive aspects of this band to mention. At all. Yet another awful band in a horrible poppy genre hawking their boring, unoriginal and uninspired music. I'd rather listen to Yellowcard than this shit... at least Yellowcard know they're pop.