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Oh shit no! - 20%

Dasher10, May 11th, 2008

Many bands try to hide their past. Sometimes there are some real gems to be found like Children of Bodom's demos as IneartheD. However, most of the time you'll just find crap. Much like Pantera and White Zombie, DragonForce had much to be ashamed of.

Blackened power metal may sound good on paper, but it really fails once you hear it. The vocals are simply too harsh and the guitars are just too flowery for this music to have any type of impact on you. Both are deprived of force by their conflicting nature which make the entire album suck.

The fact that they clearly steal punk riffs doesn't help. The fact that they're from GG Allin just makes them all the more pitiful. At the same time, if you want to hear a punky DragonForce, you should stick to Shadow Warriors and leave this alone. The punk riffs aren't just blatantly stolen, but they're also completely intrusive and don't help the music at all.

The level of immaturity doesn't help either. First off, the album cover features their vocalist getting a BJ while drinking a beer and giving the finger to the camera. It's overall just a shitty album cover that truly lets the audience know how immature DragonForce was at this point in their career. It's one of the worst album covers that I've seen and it's attempt to be as metal as possible just makes me want to puke.

If you think that that's juvenile, then you have to read their lyrics. Children of Bodom and Sarcofago can get away with having shitty lyrics because they aren't from English speaking countries but Demoniac has absolutely no excuse. They're bad to the point where early Sodom's grammar makes more sense than Demoniac's which is just sad. When your lyrics are on par with Barbatos in terms of broken English, then you really need to take a good look at your singer and either fire him or slap some sense into him. This is pitiful.

Then there's the white supremacist lyrics don't work when you have an Asian guitarist in your band. It's blindly hypocritical to the point where it isn't creating any amount of shock and outrage and just makes Demoniac look like a bunch of fifteen-year-old kids rather than the morally depraved NSBMers that they masquerade as. NSBM is bad enough and we don't need low quality faux-NSBM polluting our ears. It really isn't all that funny, nor does it really shock and therefore it just sucks.

Please stay very far away from this album even if you are a total DragonForce fanboy. Your life will not be enhanced by it in any way and it's sadly catchy in the same way that Brittney Spears is, which means that it actually takes something away from you. The only good thing about this is the comedy factor but even that wears thin after only a few listens.

This entire album is just embarrassing and they should have changed their name and fired their singer after this. Oh wait, they did.