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Joined in Darkness - 96%

PaganWinter_44, May 30th, 2007

When you live in a place like Georgia, you will be in a hurry to find any local black metal bands you can. That is how I came across the darkness that is Demoncy. The first Demoncy album I listened to was Empire of the Fallen Angel, which wasn't impressive. Then, I picked this up. All I can say about this release is that the title of the album is very appropriate.

Joined in Darkness presents pure black metal darkness throughout the whole album. This is mostly due to the seven-string guitars and five-string basses. Combine the dark tuning, with slow and powerful riffs, and you get a very heavy style. When the drums are added, it just gives it more of a beat. The drums in this album are barely heard, but enough to tell that they are there. The cherry on top of this cake is the vocals. The vocals sound as if they were born out of hell. They are kind of high-pitched, but not to a screeching point. Neither are they so low that you would confuse this band with Beherit.

What strikes me most about this album is how devoted it was to pure darkness. The album title, the lyrics, and the music itself all has one objective: To achieve a level of darkness that not many have reached. The lyrics are a nice change since they do not conform to your typical "hail satan, fuck jesus, we hate you." I am thankful to find another great band that doens't do this.

I cannot give you any highlighted songs for this album. The entire album is meant to be listened to for the full effect. If you are a fan of bands like Crimson Moon, Ondskapt, or Incursus, then you will like this album.