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Minimalist BM with great atmosphere - 84%

Mourningrise, August 20th, 2003

Demoncy has been around for ages it seems, having formed in 1989. They have been creating unholy BM art for a long time. This album is probably my favorite album of theirs, although Faustian Dawn is high up there too. The guitar work is melodic with fast, tremelo picked riffs creating an atmosphere of pure isolation and grim, cold evil.

The drumming is the usual blast beats, but they throw in enough drum fills to make it not as monotonous. The vocals are the usual demonic shrieks, but they are performed with emotion. They are also mixed in a little too high, sometimes over powering the guitars and drums. The drums are mixed low, and sometimes it is very hard to hear them.

The production is bad, but not as bad as some of you may think. It fits in very well with the style they play, and makes the album as a whole that much more atmospheric.

They atleast do not fall into that group of BM that tends to put the drums way too far in the front, hiding the other instruments in the wall of noise.

Demoncy is a band that I highly regard as one of the, if not the, first USBM bands ever, even forming before the mighty Profanatica (they are not as good.) To me, this is an essential album to buy to come one step closer to having a respectable BM collection.