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The Greatest Spawn of Brutality and Darkness - 100%

Lord_Alal, June 9th, 2005

I bought this release at a Demoncy show in Indiana at the Emerson Theater. The first thing I noticed is that the general sound of this release is more silent than most Black Metal albums. It has a very muffled tone to it as if it were recorded under a microphone, but something was put over the microphone. The vocals are purely demonic, yet simple- they sound both like a whisper and brutal rasps. The twin guitars use darkly melodic melodies that posses a very doomy atmosphere to them. For the most part, they are tremolo picked, but do not have the same sound as typical Black Metal, which can be a good thing. I have heard that a drum machine has been used with this release which is kind of strange since the drummer of this band recorded the album solely by himself. If it is true that a drum machine was used, I must say that they have been programed very well. The percussion perfectly fits the music. There are few keyboards on the album, only a couple of atmospheric intros, but very good. The songs here are generally short but due to the slower and doomy parts, the seem longer than they actually are.
The lyrics here are very triumphant, exploring both a pagan and satanic perspective. I respect Ixithra's viewpoints and he is easy to agree with. By reading an interview on Mourning The Ancient, he states that he follows the LaVeyan satanism, something that is usually looked down upon in the philosophies of Black Metal for ridicuolus reasons. This version of satanism is something that I seek in my beliefs as well.
This release has been often degraded by Demoncy fans saying "listen to Within The Sylvan Realms Of Frost before you pick this one up." I think the opposite, I say listen to "Joined In Darkness" before listening to other offerings of Demoncy.