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Pretty bad - 50%

Black_Metal_Bastard, March 18th, 2004

I just bought this album two days ago and I was expecting something along the lines of Faustian Dawn. Well I was wrong. While Faustian Dawn and ...Sylvan Realms of Frost had a lot of good moments, this is just plain dull and boring.

The drums are repetetive and very boring. No variation. It's all one blastbeat the entire album. They are also mixed so low that sometimes you can't even hear any drums, except for a crash symbol here and there. The vocals aren't even BM. They sound like a raspy gurgling sound. No screams, no variation, just plain monotone. Guitars are one big mess of tremolo picked distortion. I seriously thought it was one big song, instead of seperate ones, because literally every song sounds EXACTLY the same. The bass is just a buzzing sound underneath all the chaos.

You may say I'm not "tr00 or kvlt" enough to appreciate this, but believe me, I like plenty of so called tr00 BM bands and they are 1000 times better than this heap of cow shit. I just can't explain how bad this album sucks. So I will stop it at this. Atleast Demoncy improved with Empire of the Fallen Angel. Now that album is killer.