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Enthroned is the Night - 85%

Orlok666, April 8th, 2012

Necropolis bathed in moonlit gloom and creeping mist of deathly pallor, a monument of death's great claim, held upon the souls of the living.

After their previous release Empire of the Fallen Angel was disregarded by many of their fans, Demoncy's main man Ixithra probably felt a need to go back to the drawing table so to say. Most people probably wanted them to keep doing Joined In Darkness over and over again, and I can respect Demoncy for not doing so. Regardless it must be stated that the return to their roots that that album represented (as it is most similar to their early work like Withhin the Sylvan Realms of Frost) perhaps wasn't the most satisfying thing ever.

With this album Enthroned Is the Night we find Demoncy returning to the spectral and necrotic realms of Joined In Darkness, without them just regurgitating the past. I find this release is more present of an old school and often bestial feeling not present on that release which was more ambient in its sonic attack. I like the slightly more organic tones present on here, the drums feel less programmed/triggered, which I think they were for that album. Also, the drums have a heavier presence then on their last album, which is nice. The guitars are very thick and bass heavy, sounding very massive. Bass adds to this massive quality adding even more low end to the sound.

The vocals are a bit like the rasping dry throated sound of Joined In Darkness but are perhaps higher and often more screamed then on that release. The vocals work fairly well, intoning the lyrics which are rich in dark fantasy feelings. Demoncy's releases all to me seek to create another world for the listener to be lost in. Where their last album was perhaps a bit more multi-colored of a world, this album's world is monochrome, bathed in morbid fog and cemetery stench. The lyrics are very poetic and have occultic aspects to them which primarily revolve around a communion with dark entities of the shadows. The night and ancient powers of the Earth and stars are also praised and invoked.

The songwriting, whilst simplistic, is to the point and never dull to me. The songs are short enough they don't over stay their welcome. This is the kind of album that ends with one wanting more, leading to a repeat playing. The riffs tend to revolve around the kind of simple dark, death influenced riffs of Joined In Darkness, with aspects similar to some of the bestial type bands like Archgoat. I do like the more immediate feeling to this as opposed to some of their older work. The three ambient pieces are quite excellent, but of course the ambient songs on Demoncy releases have always been quality.

I'm sure there will be many who will either praise this or damn it for a variety of reasons. I can imagine things like, it's still not Joined In Darkness, it's too boring, and who knows what else people will say. My opinion of this release is that it is an excellent chapter in Demoncy's rather odd career. It's a very consistent and atmospheric release and will hopefully be praised by Demoncy's fan base rather then condemned out of hand.

Immortal seas of blood wash upon my ethereal tomb, on these endless nights so cold and dark eternally.