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Underrated Album - 90%

logan6511, February 1st, 2013

Yes, it's true this is probably the album that was not intended to be recorded as Demolition Hammer, but to fans who were unfamiliar with Demolition Hammer, this album proves to be a good place to start. Gone were Vinny Daze and James Rille and the guitar solos and the signature faster-than-lighting sound that had fans drooling. In are Alex Marquez and the new heavier and groove-oriented Demolition Hammer.

The album starts of with a brief old school intro of two guys ranting on fucking someone up, then cuts into "Under the Table" which is a good general sample of what this album is all about. It's heavy, in your face, and has lots of simple, but ballsy riffs. Songs like "Power Struggle", "Bread and Water", and "Mindrot" have the same slow burn effect as Pantera's "Walk" or Obituary's "Chopped in Half". The lack of guitar solos was definitely something I would consider a bit of a let down, but it also makes the song more to the point and less about the guitar playing.

Critics have described this album as very repetitive, yet I find this album much more enjoyable that their previous efforts which sounded a lot more of the same thrash-speed metal that bands like Kreator, Sodom, Sabbat, Destruction etc. had us accustomed to. Fans of Pantera, Machine Head, and early groove bands will definitely appreciate this album. Fans of older Demolition Hammer will probably find this album too slow and heavy to enjoy.