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The Definition of Badass - 99%

natrix, January 31st, 2009

I really liked Demolition Hammer's Tortured Existence, and thought that it would be hard to top, until I heard this mean slab of New York thrash. Everything from Tortured Existence is back, after being shot up with performance enhancing steroids, rabies, angel dust, and fed mass quantities of extra rare lamb chops. This music sounds more threatening than 99.9% of all death and black metal bands out there, and it's all based on riffage, rather than atmosphere.

Once again, Vinny Daze slaughters the populations of small African nations in single songs with his downright catastrophic drumming. I honestly don't know what it is about this guy's style, because it just sounds angry. His fast stuff, especially "Aborticide," is nastier than most blasting death metal drummers, but its the slower sections, where Vinny works in exceptionally wicked bass drum work to provide an added backbone to the ridiculously brutal riffage. Take "Human Dissection," just that opening riff alone is enough to crush mountains, but when coupled with the choice change ups, you are really thrown ass first into the Hurricane Katrina of metal nightmares from which there is no escape.

Fuck, this really does live up to its title of Epidemic of Violence. Even the titles and lyrics push the envelope even further, which give it a nearly death metal quality.

"Skull Fracturing Nightmare" has this nasty pummeling 1-2 fast riff that gives way to even faster riffs, before the eye of the storm hits with a devastating half time breakdown, followed by an evolving change up of angry riffs as it builds up back into the fray, before being finally spitting you out the ass end into a devastated wasteland. Shit, that's exactly how this song feels.

"Pyroclastic Annihilation" has to be the coolest title ever for a metal song, but the song itself is even better. The riffage here is a bit of a strangely timed thing, that works surprisingly well coupled with the bass drums and Steve's corrosive vocals. "Envenomed" is quite a bit faster, with the bass drums going full blast throughout the, and though the song slows down slightly, it never fucking lets up. "Carnivorous Obsession" may feature some of Demolition Hammer's slowest material, but it they still bring out the maximum amount of violence in every note. The verses of this song are bonecrushingly heavy.

They got some better production, this time at some studio in Rhode Island, which was probably reduced to ashes after this album was made. The production isn't typical death or thrash metal, but quite a bit drier, especially when compared to Tortured Existence. There is pretty much no compression on the sound, so just when you think these guys can't get any more in your face, it's like they hit the nitrous and really kick things up a notch, to 11 and far beyond. The snare, the snarled vocals, and the riffs really pierce your ears, although they somewhat foresake the bass.

The solos on here a lot more memorable, whereas on the first album, they were just there. We don't have any long, epic soloing, but really brief ones, that reach out and deliver an unexpected blow to some unprotected part of your ears.

This should be required listening for all thrash and death metal fans. But beware! I've heard of this album spotaneously disemboweling a carload of teenage Dragonforce fans, and one female Korn fan vomited her internal organs after being exposed to 20 seconds of "Skull Fracturing Nightmare."