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Blasting Mechanical Partial-Victory - 60%

heavymetalbackwards, June 18th, 2009

“Epidemic of Violence” has production like a trigger-happy machine gun; drums are blasting like speeding ammunition, Steve Reynolds is barking like a rabid hyena, and guitars are shredding like an average Kerry King imitator. Well, one major problem from their debut has been resolved.

The songwriting is much improved from their last effort. “Skull Fracturing Nightmare” and “Human Dissection” form a downright vicious start to this violent collection of thrash metal songs. The album starts off really sharp, but begins to dull around the fifth track.

The bridges are still overlong. These should mostly be 3 to 4 minute thrashers, but a majority run over 5. Over half of a typical number is focused on these collections of descent riffs that construct the middle of each song, which gets very formulaic and eventually boring.

Unless hyper-speed percussion can keep your jaw on the floor for 40 minutes, you’ll probably find a good deal of the music unexciting. I’ve listened to “Carnivorous Obsession” and “Omnivore” repeatedly, but each time I end up tapping on my walkman’s timer halfway through. These solos are so bland, and sound like an afterthought. There is no creativity or memorability in the lead guitar, besides an occasional adrenalin-rush-eliciting pinch harmonic; most could just be removed. At least the tedious bridges would be shorter.

This is worth hearing for the sake of maybe 4 compositions. I will confess, “Aborticide” is pretty sick both riff-wise and lyrically. It’s a shame Demolition Hammer never topped “.44 Caliber Brain Surgery," though.