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Gruesome Tools Of Torture Strategically Applied - 97%

grain_silo, October 11th, 2012

“Tortured Existence” is easily one of the heaviest albums ever recorded. Demolition Hammer is easily one of the best band names ever. “Epidemic of Violence” might just be the most intense album ever. So they had quite a reputation to live up to with their second album. They not only met those expectations but exceeded them with flying colors.

Well, what makes this album different from their first? The entire band stepped it up in a huge way. The production is better and worse at the same time. The guitars on the first album were too fucking heavy in the best possible way. The drums sounded good on the first but they have greatly improved on this album. The drum sound mixes perfectly with the guitars on this album. The drums are loud and sound great when played fast. The guitars aren’t as heavy as the first album but still insanely heavy but I actually prefer them on this album because I feel like they mesh with everything else better. The bass could be louder but has a few moments on here. Steve’s vocals have greatly improved. He sounds like a fucking monster. He gave this album a death metal feel with his vocals.

The album starts with “Skull Fracturing Nightmare”. It not only has one of the coolest titles ever, it delivers in every department you could imagine. Nothing about this song is flawed whatsoever. Right when it starts, you know what you’re getting into; A nonstop thrash assault that will rip you apart and then dissect the pieces (see the lyrics to the first track). Next up is “Human Dissection”. The double bass is enough to wonder how the drummer even survived the recording of this song. He really shines on this song especially. The first album had a problem with fillers. This album doesn’t really have that problem. Some songs aren’t up to par with the title track or first track but all tracks deliver an all out thrash assault that doesn’t let up for the entire album. “Pyroclastic Annihilation”, “Envenomed”, and “Omnivore” are among the songs that are not up to par but are still pretty damn good. “Aborticide” is probably the fastest song along with the title track. “Carnivorous Obsession” is a slower; more doom sounding song with one of the heaviest riffs of all time written.

Well, there you have it. One of the most intense albums ever written reviewed. If you liked their first album, you’re in for a treat like no other. GET THIS ALBUM!

Best tracks – “Epidemic of Violence”, “Skull Fracturing Nightmare”, and “Aborticide”