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Would you like some anvil with that? - 100%

Thuderclese, December 14th, 2009

This album is heavier that the densest star in the universe. It is like a tank that pulverizes everything in site, takes no prisoners, and leaves ruptured ear drums in its wake. This album is like getting hit by a wall of sound that will just not let up. That’s everything too; vocals, guitar, bass, and most of all the drums.

Steve Reynolds sounds like a demented madman as he spews forth a devastating sonic assault. His vocals are extremely heavy, but not like a death metal vocalist’s guttural sounds. Reynolds’ vocals sound like nothing else I’ve ever heard, but intense would be the best way to describe the sound. He has such a thick and powerful scream that perfectly complements this album.

The guitars and bass of this album are also incredibly heavy, and have a tone that could level small armies. This album is a veritable riff fest that that varies from slower tempo skull smashers to lightening fast riffs that cut through the listener. There are several points in this album that are absolutely devastating. The closing of the opening track Skull Fracturing Nightmare is crushing, and then you have Pyroclastic Annihilation which destroys the listener when it reaches the 1:57 mark.

Next we get the utterly unbelievable drumming from Vinny Daze. The man is completely insane, and his drumming will take no prisoners. What scary is not even the fact that his drumming can hit sledge hammer and sound like a machine gun, but that even at slower tempos he still manages to maintain an unbelievably heavy sound. So its not just him pounding away at the same boring tempo he manages to alternate the drum speed quite nicely. The track that really shows off his abilities would probably be the final track Aborticide. The man was amazing, and it truly is a shame that he such an untimely death due to blowfish poisoning.

Overall if you’re a fan of incredibly heavy thrash metal this album is one that you must own. Everything comes together quite nicely on this album, and makes this an incredibly intense experience. Again, this album is definitely recommended for fans of extreme thrash metal.