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Learn how to properly annihilate the human race - 99%

Sigillum_Dei_Ameth, March 8th, 2008

Certian music can trigger certian emotions, moods, thoughts, etc. This is nothing new. But Demolition Hammer's "Epidemic Of Violence" will strike a nerve in the frail peaceful human psyche and turn him into a violent madman hellbent on obscene acts of terror.

Demolition Hammer is one of the few handful of Thrash Metal bands that managed to properly take thrash metal to the next extreme as far as making it way more lethal, more venomous, more hateful, and a fuckload more psychotic. Imagine an army of M-16 A2 carbine rifle tigger-happy Norse berserkers foaming at the mouth with eyes bloodshot from the adrenerline of the will to exterminate all life on this planet. God is scared shitless of these fucks and Satan is too much of a pussy to contain these bastards. This is how downright vicious Demolition Hammer is.

DH put out a handful of demos and a full-length album that hinted som REALLY FUCKING GOOD Thrash in the vein of a cocain-frenzy-style Dark Angel. "Epidemic Of Violence" just shows what one is able to do in the height of that speed-induced mania. Guitarist/'riot vocals' James Reilly is excellent in spewing forth raw schizophrenic-style Thrash metal vocals. Derek Sykes and Steve Reynolds hold him back with excellent leads and riffs that will make one lose their mind and want to explode into a rage and start tearing everything up in sight....but Vinny Daze...Vinny, Vinny, Vinny...this motherfucker sounds like he just got off the front lines with the Airbourne Rangers. His drumming is top-notch, precise, and sounds like a SAW going off next your ear without pugs. Remember the ending scenes from the Rambo series where Stallone snaps and starts shotting everything up in sight? That's exactly what Vinny does. Total fucking devastation. No survivors left.

The lyrical content ranges from natural disasters(Pyroclastic Annihilation), medical examinations(Human Dissection), medieval forms of torture(Skull Fracturing Nightmare), and even fucking dinosaurs(Omnivore). James really knocked every last one of these out of the park lyrically at such a high-speed ferocity. Nothing lame, or weak....these lyrics just stire the imagination with such vivid images of gore. Not that wigger-esque, misogynistic slam/groove Death metal "I fucked your pussy than stabbed you in the mouth" this is the graphic details with a college vocabulary level. I praise you James for using intelligence over stupidity.

Unfortunately.....after this album, the band went downhill. This was probably the all-time best Thrash Metal that went unoticed. Along with Winscosin maniacs Morbid Saint, Sweden's satanists Merciless, and even the Bay Area schizo's Vio-lence....Demolition Hammer crafted such an album that is a beautiful gem of lethal fucking Thrash Metal. If you find a copy of this, fuck everything else and pick this up immediately so you can plan out how to properly show the world how fucking batshit crazy you are.