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The Heaviest Album EVER - 96%

Lordofallplagues, September 22nd, 2012

Demolition Hammer are one of those thrash bands that release an insanely pummeling record that seems to make hardly any splash in the scene. Though this album was released a little bit late, thrash metal still had a cult of rabid followers in the early 90's and despite that, this record hasn't seemed to get the acknowledgement it deserved until just very recently. Like Morbid Saint's "Spectrum of Death", "Epidemic of Violence" is a hidden gem of unbridled force in a very saturated scene. Once discovered though, this gem can truly shine.

Songs like "Aborticide" and "Human Dissection" simply take the term "thrash metal" to an entirely new level, smashing the listener at break-neck speeds and with such force that they will shatter windows. The word, "thrash" is perfectly epitomized in the very core of this album. From the first track to the very last, resounding moments of this album, Demolition Hammer successfully do what thrash metal had been working towards since its inception: take heavy metal, increase its speed and power to almost unimaginably high levels, and smash it into the ears of willing (or unwilling) listeners. For me, I can't help but get up and mosh when the sounds of this album hit me.

The guitar tone is spot on and brutal, but not too distorted. The drumming is phenomenal and doesn't let up, surpassing even the performances of such legendary thrash drummers as Ventor, Dave Lombardo, and maybe even Gene Hoglan. No fan of extreme metal should pass up an opportunity to blast this record, and blasting is exactly what something so profoundly heavy deserves, and has deserved since its creation. Not only are the songs the perfect picture of brutal thrash metal, they don't sacrifice structure and writing for brutality for brutality's sake. The entire album is laced with building introductions, swerving patterns and verses, and speedy, well placed guitar solos.

If one finds themselves looking for just a brief moment of this thrashing madness, fearing being bowled over TOO much, then the tracks "Skull Fracturing Nightmare", "Aborticide", and "Human Dissection" will do just fine to represent exactly what Demolition Hammer is accomplishing with this album.

This is, quite frankly, the heaviest album I have ever heard. Forget brutal death metal. This does the trick.