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Shattered Broken Bones - 95%

Light13, January 5th, 2012

"Fucking hell, this shit smokes" Was the first thing I said as soon as that opening riff from "Skull Fracturing Nightmare" came flying out of my speakers on that glorious day this disc came through my letter box. Let me make one thing clear right from the start of this review. The guitar tone alone is enough to smash the listeners face in. But coupled with the riffs this band laid down on this record and you have one of the best thrash albums to ever exist.

Brutal thrash / death hybrid riffs thrown around left, right and bloody centre here. Rocking pentatonic thrash solos and the pounding clinical drum work backed up by a solid bottom end coming from the bass. No pretension just the most pounding, heavy and face smashing thrash album possibly ever. The riffs are technically proficient in places like in the previously mentioned opener , "Pyroclastic Annihilation" and the title track. The tempo is obviously quiet fast a lot of the time but the band change tempo perfectly on this record. The guitar guys in this bad really display a wide arsenal of riffs on this one. From fast pounders to brutal mid paced atonal thrash riffs and creepy death metal style open chords over fast drum beats. The band show they are anything but a one trick pony here.

And don't even get me started on the vocals, Venomous, spiteful and full of hate. Complimenting the music perfectly. This album is as bad ass as it gets for thrash. No boring song structure's either just epically constructed songs composed of various riffs. The good thing about the structure of the songs on this. Is the fact the band aren't stupid they always manage to play the riff as many times as its needed and the riffs always pop back up in the best places. Like in "Skull Fracturing Nightmare" a sudden stab of chords into that insane mid paced articulate riff. Displaying an amazing groove and articulation. The riffs are also catchy which is always important it will stick in your head and you will be able to hum a lot of the riffs. Which is quiet a feat when the album is this brutal and the amount of riffs on offer here. Like in "Envenomed" that kick ass intro riff which instantly gets your attention into two insane fast and brutal verse riffs just fucking quality riff work here from the first second to the last.

I couldn't possibly chose album picks here because this is just beyond insane from the first second to the last this album has quiet a good reputation with more underground thrashers and death metal fans. However this band deserved much more attention and praise they got in my opinion. One of the best albums of thrash and something which I think every fan of thrash should have without question. Fans of thrash infused death metal will also love this. But personally I think even if you have a passing interest in both these genres I still think you should hear it.