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Heavier Than Thou - 90%

Kruel, March 2nd, 2008

Ever heard of the ontological argument for the existence of god? : "God is the most perfect thing and since he would be even more perfect had he existed, so he exists." While that is a bad attempt at logic proof and fails miserably, it is true for heaviness. The most heavy thing imaginable would be even heavier if it exists, and thus exists! And it's name has been dubbed Epidemic of Violence.

This is ultimate heaviness incarnate into sound. Gravity of Earth doesn't come close to it. In fact, this album is so heavy that Earth orbits around this album! This is heavier than a neutron star. It's heavier than a black hole, and its gravitational force actually pulls a black hole and absorbs it. Fuck Suffocation, fuck Disgorge, Torsofuck, or any of your "sick" brutal death metal band. This crushes everything, just by its sheer heaviness that weighs 6.66 X 10^666 megatons.

So what exactly is so heavy about it? Everything. Vocals, production, riffs,... and DRUMS.

First of all we get the vocals. Yeah, the heaviest vocals in our galaxy. The extreme hatred they spew out matches that of Mutiilation(okay, not quite, but the fact that a comparison can be drawn at all is saying a lot), and the thickness of voice is almost Dio-thick. Yes, imagine Dio in harsh vocals. And, the important part is that, the vocals never cross the border of death metal. They're clearly thrash, and yet heavier than any brutal growler.

Let's see the guitar work. This is not a sophisticated tech-progressive thrash, and so the riffs remain fairly simple. However, they are heavy as fuck. The "simple" riffs do a far good job in contributing to the overall weight of the music than any complicated riff can. The guitar tone is also thick as a brick. No, thick as an iron wall, since Demoiltion Hammer is far, far thicker than Jethro Tull. The guitar solos show that even solos can be heavy. Heavy tone, combined with the tremolo arm generates the heaviest sound possible in the realm of treble.

But the best part, I mean the [i]heaviest[/i] part, is the drum work. Incessant double bass blast beats that sodomize Marduk and sacrifice it in the summit of the Tower of Babylon. The production is extremely bass-heavy, which is perfect for listening to the bass drums. Listen to Human Dissection, the best double bass drumming ever in the history of drumming. It literally sounds like an earthquake. However, the bass drums are not the only thing that's uber heavy. Snare drums are also a very important contributor to heaviness, weighing but a several megatons less than the bass drums do. The snare ton is the ultimate antithesis of St. Anger, and this is saying a lot, because the exact opposite of ultimate suckage means ultimate ownage.

If you're a fan of heavy fucking metal, you've got to listen to the heaviest fucking metal. And this is it.