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An even bigger hammer to the skull - 90%

CrystalMountain, January 30th, 2009

Demoltion Hammer's second album was everything the first one was, only better. The overall sound is better, the riffs are better, drums are better, etc. While the first album had that old school death metal production, this one is cleaner and more thrashy. The riffs are even more lethal than before, and the songs are just as frantic while at the same time sounding more precise and controlled(if that makes any sense.) Really the only bad thing I have to say about the production on this album, is that the bass is inaudible just like it was on their first release.

The bands style hasn't changed at all, they just seem to be a little better at it. All though there are more Bay Area style breakdowns found on this one, which is great because I love that shit. Lots of awesome bang your fucking head and pump your fist while making a stupid looking mean face moments. Really some of the most intense headbanging moments I can think of are found on this album. When you just wanna thrash out and break shit, it doesn't get much better than this. They are still throwing in lots of unnecessary Kerry King solos though, which I could do without.

A good example of the lethal breakdown that these guys are good at is found on opener "Skull Fracturing Nightmare" at about the 1:33 mark. A wanking solo leads into a brutal fucking riff, and it just comes together so perfectly. Their singer barks out with pure aggression "Sacrificing lives with apathy, torturing their captives ruthlessly!" Whoah, that is bad-fucking-ass! The following song "Human Dissection" starts off with a similar bang your head until your neck snaps type of riff. The drums beat at double time while the riffs are mid paced creating a pounding effect. "Pyroclastic Annihiliation" is more of the same, incredibly heavy sounding verses that sound like they were made to insight gigantic mosh pits. A nice down-stroked riff at 1:57 that quickly leads right back into the menacing verse. The title track is killer, it reminds me of ".44 Caliber Brain Surgery" from their first album. Another killer breakdown is found in "Omnivore" at about 1:15. "Aborticide" is ridiculously fast but manages to still be catchy.

Really, every song on the album is excellent. Most people would say thrash died around '90 or '91, and I would agree, so I guess it's ironic that one of the best thrash albums ever came out in '92. You will be hard pressed to find an album "heavier" than this. Even many years after I first heard this, after hearing tons of brutal death metal, blazing speed metal, raw black metal, etc. I still say this is the heaviest album ever, period.