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Proving there was still solid thrash in the 1990's - 100%

Chopped_in_Half, March 20th, 2010

Last year I picked up Demolition Hammer's 'Tortured Existence', and was blown away at the technical brutal thrash assault, without a doubt, one of the best thrash debuts, all be it, a late one, but better late than never, so could they top that great first album with their sophomore release?

In all aspects, that answer for me is a big fucking YES, whereas 'Tortured Existence' was more just straight forward brutal thrash, this has more of a death/thrash sound, which is what they wanted to do, everything they did right on their first album, they did better here, the riffs are tighter, the solo's are nothing short of great, with some great use of a whammy bar, the drumming is very tight, lots of brutal doublebass, and awesome fills, Steve Reynolds is now one of my favorite thrash/death vocalists, sounding like a rabid beast spitting out words of destruction and gore at a menacing pace, and the production on this album is brilliant, it's brutal, thick, but not overproduced, but everything is heard great, no complaints at all.

The album starts off with 'Skull Fracturing Nightmare' which fades in, and then bang, brutal fast thrash riffs up the ass, and violent lyrics about, this song also has some great midpaced groovy breaks, that are nothing short of heavy as fuck, especially the outro riff, what a monster 'Human Dissection' is next and delivers a more midpaced approach throughout the song, starting with a great heavy riff, and Reynolds vocals come in, and it just flows so well, some excellent doublebass work is found here, and sick lyrics 'Pyroclastic Annihilation' is one of my favorites on the album, it is brutal from beginning to end, it's violent, thrashy, destructive, with some great catchy fast as fuck riffs, and great lyrics as well, I mean it's about a volcano, how cool is that?

I'll skip to 'Carivorous Obsession' this song is this albums answer to their debut albums 'Gelid Remains' song, with it's slow, very sabbath influenced riffing, and it's awesome, some heavy as fuck riffs that are just impossible to NOT headbang too, some great lyrics as well, especially if gorey lyrics are your thing, and it does speed up in parts for some nice change of tempo, with a shredding solo to follow, 'Epidemic of Violence' continues the fast thrash assault, starting with a fast as hell riff, and Reynolds comes in sounding rabid, lyrics? about beating the shit out of someone, sounds awesome to me, I mean, this is metal, I'll skip to the closer 'Aborticide' what a song they picked to close the album, lots of thrash albums get a bit weaker on the later tracks of the albums, but not this one, this one gets stronger, and this song proves it, this is a fast, catchy, violent, gore infested song with some great lyrics and great riffs and vocals as well, everything is awesome, with some nice tempo changes and solo's as well, what else can I say, Brilliance personified here.

I ended up buying this album a year after getting their debut, I'm so sorry that I waited that long, I really do regret that, if you liked their first, you will love this one, I sure did, this sits among my favorite thrash..or death/thrash albums, depending on your view, go out and buy this if you are a fan.