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The only things dying here is tedium - 87%

Gutterscream, October 8th, 2019
Written based on this version: 1990, Cassette, Independent

‘90’s Inevitable Exit is yet another demo that has kept itself within reaching distance on the strength of at least one song. Oregon’s Demise, a four-piece, play with hefty deathrash malevolence; thrash in body and death in lungs, and with a height of intensity many bands around them could only whisper about. With that foundation already built, all they needed was some (at the very least) adequate savviness in songwriting and maybe some decent musicianship to create something semi-formidable to throw the underground hounds.

Change ‘adequate’ to exceptional, ‘decent’ to notable, and get rid of ‘formidable’’s prefix and you have enough red ink appeal to change the color of the cover. Charging over Golgotha are four filthy tunes that are as maniacal and smeared with century-old motor oil as any of the big boys on the block at that time. Tumultuous “Devious Deception” is an uncaged animal, charging bloodshot through my regular playlist with Jason Dexter’s breathless, diabolical death grouse leading the slaughter, but this surface is from a bird’s eye view. Perhaps more importantly (and definitely unexpectedly), Demise import a winning ratio of intensity, depth and thought, and often billow with enough extraordinary songcraft to check the usually-unused ‘progressive/technical’ box next to them. While “Devious Deception” is the War of this tape’s Four Horsemen, “Abnormal Reality”, the title cut, and “Bent Pleasure” are the others with their own sly, yet deadly modus operandi, and none are as straightforward.

Really, this is some good shit, so hats off to Hanawa, Forbish, Schultz, and Dexter, the Four Horsemen of this encounter. May your EP in two years be as freshly decayed.