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Unbelievably dark - 95%

mikey22, June 7th, 2016

No words can describe the music presented here as it is so incredibly dark and morbid sounding. The guitars being down tuned to A make the riffs sound so completely alien and inhuman. The type of metal Demilich plays is like nothing you have ever heard before. Possessing some of the deepest vocals in history Antii Boman gives off such a rotten atmosphere of decay and decomposition with his vocals alone. To give you a description of what he sounds like here we go. He sounds like a frog singing tales about decomposition and HP Lovecraft tales. Pretty interesting, while he's singing he's backed by some alien sounding guitars and some very technical drumming. Is this better than Nesphite? That is the main question.Well depends who you ask. I personally find this more enjoyable because it's more straightforward and heavier; also this is probably more accessible than Nespithe. While the riffs here sound more doom laden and bludgeoning, the riffs on Nesphite are even more insane and twisted than here. You have your grind passages and these massive grooves which pull your head to the ground because of how heavy and crushing they are.

We must discuss the atmosphere this music conveys. The atmosphere gives of this very strong decaying and decomposing air to the record. There aren't many solos used on this record but when used they are excellent; heavy use of tremolo picking and scale runs. The bass while being hidden rears its ugly head when the solos appear, being very low tuned, and haunting sounding. The sound of this demo is excellent, no faults to be found. It sounds very raw but every note can be heard and has a great mood to it. The drums and guitars are very clear sounding, as well as Antii Boman's vocals being very audible as well.

Overall this is the best sounding demo I have ever heard. It has this cold mechanical sound perfect for the sound of decomposition. Maybe if modern bands put out demos this good we would pay attention to them more. There is a reason old school death metal is so revered by metal heads and one of the reasons is the focus on atmosphere. Sure these modern bands are far more technical but old school death metal had this charm about it that made it very exciting and attention grabbing. Right here is a great example of atmospheric, old school death metal that will grab in repeated listens. All in all an excellent demo by the mighty finish death metal machines Demilich.

A Product Of Sickness in Mind - 83%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, June 22nd, 2008

After the discovering of Funebre, I decided to jump into that genre of metal from Finland. So I tried to listen to some of the more important bands in gore death metal from that country that, just apparently, was famous only for groups like Azaghal and Impaled Nazarene. The beginning of the 90s was full of bands inspired to the musical examples coming from abroad and in this case from England with Carcass.

Here we can find the same coldness in terms of production and sounds. There’s sheer chirurgical coldness in operating riffs and hyper guttural growls. The stench of decomposition is high and almost intolerable. The first track is a mix of doom moments to blast beats parts but the main point is to play as rotten as possible. The lyric, they, are truly disgusting, being about decomposition and gore.

As I said before, the production is really sterile and cold, typical of the gore death metal in those years, but it’s never chaotic and I must admit that it’s better than in some demos of thrash metal in those years for example. What is really astonishing is the use of that kind of hyper guttural vocals. The guitars lines are very good and they are a mix of powerful, chainsaw distorted rhythmic ones with more obscure and dramatic lead part.

To me it’s impossible to choose the stand out tracks here because they are not done to be catchy or recognizable. The guitars draw landscapes of pure depravation that you can experience in beating and analysing a corpse in a gloom morgue. The stench fills your lungs and your throat begins to burn for the acid smell. The music is just the perfect output of their mental perversion. Now, are you brave enough and mostly, do you have a strong stomach?