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Disturbing... - 96%

Ouijamage, March 8th, 2005

Perhaps better than their final album, Nespithe, The Echo consists of 5 varied and technical pieces of death metal genius, backed by sinister sound effects such as something being eaten messily ("The Echo"), and swarms of insects ("The Sixteenth...").

But Demilich are no Lord Gore or Exploding Zombies. This band is (was) full of serious talent and not comic book humour. Koistinen (Bass) and Virnes (Drums) lay down some haunting grooves which greatly compliment the macabre style of "singing", which is often mixed up and involves re-arranging the words in order to translate the lyrics.

And it's just that which is what will really get you drawn in. The icing on the cake is the monotonous, serene demeanour in which Boman growls these cryptic verses. His style remains the same across the whole demo in a unique and hypnotic way, making the vocals sound much more deadly than other contemporaries in the genre. Devoid of silly shrieks, the low growls have a slight "sewer-gurgle" to them, fully emphasising the morbid atmosphere created by the band.