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Raw, Rotten Death Metal - 78%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, June 26th, 2008

This demo by Demilich is made of just one song. Their style hasn’t changed a lot since the first demo tape but here the production is really a low budget one. The style as I was saying remains unvaried and we are always talking about a primitive form of death metal.

The atmosphere is gloom and the production exalts even more this oppressive stench and air of decomposition. The sound of the instruments is not so clear but it gives them the classic sound of a cult demo and I like it. The guitars are more audible when there are some mid paced parts because the loudest thing here is the snare drum and during the up tempo and the blast beats it almost deletes the other instruments.

There are several tempo changes and no vocals at all. There are some sudden breaks too and this brings me to think that there is more than just one long song. Also the few “melodies” you can pick up, are different in the various parts. Anyway, don’t expect cheesy or sugary melodies, I was talking about the gore and obsessive ones. The rhythmic guitar sound is strong but what really give the morbidity here are the lead ones: they are always inspired and really malefic.

All in all, this demo is not necessary in your collection but if you come across a copy of it, bootlegged or not, copied or original, listen to it just for curiosity. It’s a good way to discover new sonorities from other lands.