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Bizarre Intensity - 95%

super_bum, August 2nd, 2007

This album is beyond bizarre, abstract and just pure fucking chaos. There’s hardly any other way to describe how utterly strange and otherworldly this album sounds. Its also difficult to express just how fucking great it is.

Throughout the album, Demilich explore the abstract realm, the universe and beyond. The realms of the abstract are explored with eerie and chaotic melodies that sound somewhat disjointed and alienating. Strangely enough however, they are not malformed and are sequenced quite smoothly; never stepping out of the boundaries of coherency. It is as if though they find order within chaos, or chaos within order. Never before has melodic interplay been so dissonant and chaotic, but yet beautiful in its own strange way.

Exploration is taken further with unpredictable song construction that seems somewhat random but ,as stated previously, coherent. They certainly do manage to obtain a sense of chaos with their unpredictable arrangements, but they never just throw in random riffs for their own sake. Every song is composed coherently and with creative thought.

Identifiable recursive song structures are nonexistent. Songs are mostly linearly constructed, always moving forward and never looking back. Of course, there’s no mean to say that Demilich blast their way through this at 299 bpm. Throughout the album Demilich prefers to plod at a nice groovy mid pace tempo with the occasional blasting section. Indeed, they take their time exploring and discovering the cosmic planes and the mind within.

Of course, whats exploration if you don’t have people with the guts to explore? Especially a realm that is as chaotic as that of the abstract. Demilich are not only explorers and discoverers, but they are also able musicians as well. Guitar melodies are just pain fucking weird, constantly evolving and on the move, never settling down to any mere pretentious simplistic riffage or sappy melodies. The melodic interplay is almost alien, expressing all things abnormal, chaotic and, well, abstract.

Drumming is not the most complex thing in the world, but its just exactly were it needs to be, and there is no senseless wanking off. Drumming exists to provide some killer groove as they drift into unknown dimensions.

Bass is also a worthy mention. Counterpoints exist in the bass department for the sake of yet even more chaos weirdness. Then we have the vocalist. The vocalist utilizes an amazingly low and guttural belch that sounds really sick and ugly. Hey, whoever said that the abstract realm was a pretty place anyway?

All instruments harmonize in an obscure way, just like the cosmos itself. I guess its safe to say that Nespithe is the soundtrack to the cosmos. This album is very obscure and otherworldly, just like the cosmos. This album also harmonizes in its own strange and abstract way, just like the cosmos. Whatever it is that Demilich tried to express, there is no doubt that this is one of the most fascinating and matchless Death Metal albums ever created.