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Slime Beast Death Metal? - 74%

psychoticnicholai, May 29th, 2013
Written based on this version: Unknown year, Digital, Independent

I decided to take a little second look at this album after several months. I used to hate this album back when I first got it, being bored out of my mind and overall unimpressed with it. After listening to it again I noticed that Nespithe was actually okay in many regards and definitely very listenable. Nespithe, being the only album ever released by the mysterious Demilich, is held up by many as an obscure classic. The bizzarre-ness of the sounds it projects is what is said to set this release apart from other, similar death metal. It showcases intricate technical workings to create a weird, almost molten sounding landscape with the slimy sound of the guitars, the burped vocals, and the just plain weird song titles. It certainly is bizarre and will leave many people scratching their heads as opposed to banging them. The real question though is, just HOW good is Nespithe really?

I would say this album is alright. The guitar work is talented, twisted, and complicated like trying to decode DNA. The vocals are another weird thing on this album, I would say they were generic, if Antti Boman were just growling instead of burping. I'm serious, he's actually singing in this odd growl / burp voice. Normally that would be a minus, but it goes well together with the very muddy, slimy sound of this album. One thing that hasn't changed from my earlier review though, is my opinion of the drummer being the most talented guy in the band. Mikko Virnes is able to come up with these complicated patterns as well as jarring blasts and twisted grooves that manage to add just a little bit of punch to the music. Demilich's talent is surely showcased well on Nespithe.

In spite of all these positives I just listed, this album is not without faults. While none of Nespithe's songs are bad, none of them are particularly memorable in any way. I mean, when I listen to this album I often forget which song I'm listening to. They also tend to ramble on for long periods of time with little indication of what's going on or where you are. The time signature changes can also leave you feeling a little bit lost as the song's structures can get very confusing and hard to follow. This album, while very memorable and bizarre, is not like the individual songs, which are not memorable and vary little. There's even a little bit of a double-edged sword to Boman's vocals as he is impossible to understand. And with all this weird, abstract stuff going on, I'd like to know just what freakish terrors he's talking about. The rambling pace of some of the songs also makes this a hard album to just listen to. You'd have to be doing something else at the same time in order to really get through this without becoming winded or bored.

In short, Nespithe is a good album and an unusual one at that. Is it a godly classic of tech-death majesty? no, not really. If you want to call this whole album a classic, I could kind of see your point. The sound of Nespithe is twisted, dark, and just plain odd and the riffs do pack quite the bit of punch from time to time. But the rambling song structures,same-y-ness, and lack of memorable songs just don't endear me very much. It's odd, eclectic feel makes it good background music for doing something else, like playing a video game, drawing, or working with tools. If you really want to find out for yourself if Nespithe is right for you, then go to their site, they have Nespithe and all their demos up for free, legal downloads from there. If you like it, then keep it for yourself. If not, just delete it and ignore it.