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Wow. - 100%

igglyjubbo, August 3rd, 2017

I've been piddling around with a blank copy of this review for a long while, unable to really write down anything because reviewing something so fucking good is so damn hard. This album is one of a kind. There are no other bands that have come close to creating something at all similar to what these fine folks in Finland have done, especially on their first full length. (full disclosure, I use the phrase "completely fucking weird" repeatedly throughout this review, and I stand by the repetition. There is no other phrase to describe this band.)

I suppose otherworldly best describes these riffs, but even then I feel that isn't quite the right way to phrase it. The riffs are extremely technical, but not in the "these techniques are so crazy" way that bands today seem to do with endless sweep picking. This is complex in a way that the actual techniques are simple, and the riffs aren't all that fast, but the way the riffs are constructed makes it so damn hard to play, and incredibly strange to hear, all the while not sounding too much like technical wankery and keeping an interesting variance to them.

The vocals are also one thing of note. They are completely fucking weird. There has not been one band I have heard (and I've heard quite a few) that does these guttural but somewhat understandable growls...? Burps? Who the hell knows. It works, and it kicks ass.

This is an album so original and well crafted, I literally can't find anything bad about it, nothing even mediocre or above average. Everything is just a solid performance, with well thought out compositions, riffs, beats, and yes, even the lyrics are good (and completely fucking weird.) This album deserves nothing less than 100% in my book, because it is nothing less than perfect.