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Disembowelment collides with Meshuggah? - 91%

HealthySonicDiet, January 24th, 2004

After discovering that Demilich(or any band for that matter) put up their whole discography for full-length downloads on their website, I was totally shocked. Heh, I thought Vanden Plas offered their latest album Beyond Daylight for a full download, but they didn't.

Needless to say, I was totally blown away to hear this. I don't understand the legal situation as to why this was a free download, etc., but I do know that the band members were very upset that the rerelease of Nespithe and their first demo didn't sell well. No offense to Demilich, but I figured that none of their albums would sell well. It's not because they're not good...oh no they're far from not good--it's just that they're on a relatively obscure record label and not well-known. That's a valid assumption, isn't it?

Well, I downloaded three tracks at a time from their site and eventually burned the album and listened to it from beginning to end and I must say this is some groundbreaking work. Other reviewers may think I'm crazy, but Demilich's overall style sounds like a head-on collision of Disembowelment and Meshuggah, especially with the sound of Meshuggah's Nothing album. Sure, Demilich doesn't change tempos quite as much and it's not as jagged and jarring, but they have a tremendous wall of sound from track one to track eleven. It's another one of those albums that isn't easy to headbang to because the main melodies aren't decipherable enough. It's meant to be listened to simply as a work of art and not an outlet for metalheads' aggression. I admit that I did find myself headbanging occasionally, but not too often. Maybe if I wasn't busy cleaning up my room I would've headbanged more to it.

It's been said before that the vocalist sounds like he's talking out of his small-intestine, and I guess I say that I concur. How can someone make this assertion though? Has anyone ever talked out of his or her small intestine? That sounds like something only possible in the silly microcosmic world of Cannibal Corpse. To make it simpler, I'll just say that the vocals sound similar to that of grindcore bands or experimental brutal death metal bands like Wormed. They're very unique. Don't take it from me. Download the album. It's beckoning you.

Unlike Nothing, this has quite a lot of soloing, which is always refreshing to hear in death metal. Immolation has especially good soloing, by the way. The solos usually come near the end of the songs and that adds a dramatic effect to them.

Like UltraBoris said about Pantera's Reinventing the Steel, this album suffers from overconsistency a little bit(haha, funny term), but it's more acceptable for this type of music, which attempts to drown the listener in a massive whirlpool of sound. For styles similar to Pantera's, it's more appropriate for songs to have stronger identities. Heh, it's an abstract concept.

I can see why this album is thought of as a classic death metal album. That distinction is not only for the music, but because of the notoriety of it. It's like that Mayhem album with the picture of dead Euronymous on the front cover.

Anyone remotely into death metal, especially unique, intelligent death metal, should download this ASAP. Anyone who says there's no excuse for not having this album if you're a fan of death metal is partly wrong. There are a lot of factors that come into play that could hinder someone from downloading this, but try to download it FIRST before deciding to order it.

Oh, and another thing, the song titles on this release are out of this world. I particularly like the one named Inherited Bowel Levitation- Reduced Without Any Effort. Does this title mean that someone inherited the ability to shit into the toilet without sitting down? Does it also mean that someone inherited the ability to stand up over the toilet and mechanically lower their rectum to be sure the turds fall into the toilet and don't splash water all over the place?

Eh, I'm just making fun of the song titles and how the lyrical themes for this band on this site mention abstract concepts. Hey, this band, in essence, could be making the simple art of taking a shit abstract. You never know.