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This is beyond bizarre... - 97%

GrimAndFrostbitten, March 21st, 2004

If non-humanoid space aliens ever sent a probe to our solar system with a golden record of their finest music, it probably would not be far off from Demilich's Nespithe. This is one of the most bizarre, psychedelic albums I have ever heard, and the track names only provide a glimpse of how outlandish this album is. Though classified as death metal, this strikes me as something created outside of planet Earth.

The first thing that someone will notice upon hearing it is the vocals -- the first thing I thought when I heard it was that the vocalist was the most impressive belcher I had ever heard, though that's actually not the case. They vocals are beyond guttural, and from what I recall reading, are naturally created through some method of tilting the head down. The lyrics are beyond the wildest fantasies of any space madness-induced hallucination, and I can not even begin to describe them in a sober state of mind.

The musical structure of the album is convoluted and beyond chaotic, yet is coherent. While the music can be difficult to follow due to its chaos, its countless riffs linger in the mind individually. Most are twangy, some are death/thrashy, but all of them seem to fit into place. The pace of the album seems to be smooth the entire way through, regardless of the occasional blasting and non-shred solos, progressing at a medium pace, which is possibly why the album doesn't sound like a complete cacophony.

This is a unique album, and should be appreciated as such. It's not exactly aesthetically pleasing or exciting in any traditional senses, and it won't strike anyone as "heavy fucking metal," but it is so weird that not acquiring it through whatever means (it's free for download) will leave you incomplete.