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Demilich - Nespithe - 96%

GS_Abbath, August 6th, 2004

This release (the only full length) from the Finnish quartet has surely made people scratch their collective noggins. Indeed a very unique sound they have achieved. With this unique sound, they have achieved a certain cult following, and rightfully so. The off-kilter riffs and otherworldly, bowel rumblingly low vocals from frontman Anti Bowman and the overall sound off total chaos have added to the mystique of Nesphite.

They have a certain dynamic which is hard to explain, but their sound is very much that of "extraterrestial" sludgy, melodic death metal (with grindy passages no less). The listener is wowed with an assembly of strange riffs and drum patterns which are difficult to follow the first time around. Multiple listens are required to get a good grasp of what it is all about. The recording of the album adds alot to its appeal. Most instruments are heard quite clearly in this high pitched mess. The guitar sometimes sounds buried under the drums and vocals, but this does not detract from the actual experiance. The sound is still very crisp and enjoyable.

The lyrics and song titles are wonderfully funny ("When the Sun Drank the Weight of the Water"... ?!?!?!?!) and show that they do not take themselves too seriously.

The flow is very good as all tracks seem to follow up the preceeding one perfectly.

While being quite technical, they never go "balls to the wall" tech by shedding the living hell out of their guitars or ripping the drum heads off. Yet the solos are extremely enjoyable in their oddly melodic glory. The album is far from simple, rather it take a differant approach to be technical/unconventional. Completely original, never boring, they manage to find a way to stay complex without boring the listener.

Be sure to go over to their website to download the FULL album (along with the excellant demos) to enjoy this lost classic.