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Demigod - Unholy Domain demo (1991) - 90%

Unsilent_Storms, December 8th, 2004

For those of you that love your death metal raw and garage like sounding, you will adore this demo. The songs on this demo are crushing death metal, the kind where you cant help yourself and start to headbang furiosly. The intro makes way to a brutal song that reminds me alot of Asphyx, its called "Anxiety" very raw sounding, with simple but catchy riffs. The drumming on that song is extremly fast and just backs up the band in a perfect way.

The second song is "Reincarnation", and for some reason it sounded to me like it had a Sepultura "Beneath the Remians" sound to it. Again we here the riffs backed up by the fast passed drumming, the snare sounds so great and the drummer pounds on it hard! The last song is "Succumb to Dark" and is not very different from the other two songs. The three songs have a guitar tone that is "fuzzy" and make the songs sound similar, but believe me, thats not a bad thing, these guys really shred their instruments and make great death metal.

If you are into technical death metal or clear production and that stuff, then you might want to stay away from this, on the other hand if you are into Pungent Stench's early albums, Asphyx or Unleashed you will worship this band.